And at our second location

Introducing the members of our family for our Maltipoo puppies. We hope to be breeding for our
​red Maltipoo puppies in 2019. Watch for birth announcements!

Banjo, our beautiful red poodle

Saylor Rose, our adorable Maltese

Miss Dixie Rose, our petite Godlendoodle

Our newest member of the family, Sherlock, our 16 lb. Cavalier King Charles

Lulu, our red Maltipoo

Rhett Butler, our red Maltipoo who carries the red gene

Our goal remains to have the most adorable and loving puppies you could ever meet.

Molly, another adorable Maltipoo

Introducing the members of our family for our Cavapoo puppies

ur Sires

KC, our 18 lb. Cavalier King Charles

Annabella, one of our red poodles

Roxie, our Maltipoo

Dena's Doggies

Princess, we still miss you!!  Your were one of our best poodles!  And had the most beautiful puppies!!

Our Dames

​the home of hand-raised, spoiled rotten Maltipoo & Cavapoo puppies

Pet Family Photos

Our Dames

Dutchess and Molly our adorable mini Goldendoodles. When they mature we will introduce:
Dena's Doggies Mini Golden Doodles

Our Sires